Amir Zainorin

Amir Zainorin was born on 1st September 1963 in Johor, Malaysia and grew up in mixed societies of different cultures, beliefs and religions. He now lives and based in Denmark and Malaysia. He studied Business Administration in Malaysia and the United States but started making art in 1995 after meeting Pop artist Jeri Azhari in Kuala Lumpur.

He finds inspirations from the activity in his surroundings, daily speech and the mass media. He is also greatly affected by popular cultures, his friends, families, the internet and the art world. He is moved by music and movies. Amir believes that these influences are shaping his art and provide the base upon which his work is realised.

In his work, he likes to urge the viewers to challenge the traditional notions of religions and identity in relation to globalization.

Amir believes that humour is a powerful tool to get his message accross. He states that ' I like using ready mades images and objects in my work to channel my thoughts and ideas, and most often humor comes along with it to make things a bit lighter.'