Dear Helle

Project Title: Dear Helle ( Installation ) @ Immigrant Museum Denmark
Medium: postcards and pins
Size: Variable
Year: 2014

I made two images of the former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt with hundreds of postcards pinned direct on the museums wall as part of my solo exhibition Dear Helle.
I worked with Trampoline House, an independent community center in Copenhagen that provides support to the refugees and asylum seekers. The refugees and asylum seekers were invited to write messages to Helle about their condition and challenges living as refugees and asylum seekers in the refugees camp. The postcards, which were exhibited during the exhibition were later compiled together and sent to the prime minister office at the end of the show.
The artwork has a temporary lifespan due to how it was installed at the museum symbolizes the circles of life that everything is temporary and reminds us that the process of doing art is as important as the final product.