Scripted Reality

Project Title: Scripted Reality/ Stop the War @ Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde Denmark
Installation and Performance
Materials: Spices, sand, salt, paper, ink, newspaper, bullet caps, shisha, toy gun, photograph and guitar
Size: variables
Year: 2016

In this work, I collaborated with Feras, a Syrian refugee living in Denmark. It shows among others a road map which Feras took to come to Denmark from Syria. I also worked with a Syrian who lives in Homs who contributed his photographs showing how the city looks like during the present time.The installation also includes the top 10 arm manufacturers companies in the world which profited from selling arm weapons and they includes companies such as Rolls Royce and Boeing.
Spices were used to make part of the artwork which is taken from historical perspective and I took The Age of Discovery as the starting point for this work where the west started their voyage to the east in search of resources ( spices) which end up with hundreds of years of colonization and the newspaper were an exploration in our relationship with the mass media.